Now that you stand out from the crowd, here are a few things you can do to make them stop in their tracks:

Product demonstrations. 

Every county fair has that one booth that’s pitching kitchen knives or blending/juicing tools. It never fails to attract a crowd. People love to watch a before and after, they stay and visualize themselves using the product in their own kitchen. They can see themselves bragging to their significant other about their nifty purchase. People want to see how things work. Having a product demo is an amazing way to gather a crowd. After the demo, people want to know more information. How will it make their lives easier? How much does it cost? How long is the warranty? It pushes the audience to ask your sales team questions: the leads will pour in.

Have fun.

The booth person with the ginsu knives isn’t a salesman – they’re a performer. The entertainment factor is what stops the crowd, the performer isn’t trying to sell them something – they’re offering a distraction with an elaborate show-and-tell. It serves as a disarming effect, the attendee’s curiosity is piqued and wants to learn more. There’s no better time to collect their information or schedule a follow-up.

Host a promo activity.

Combining the previous two points, creating an activity that targets your audience, like a time trial, raffle, industry trivia game can attract traffic. Use social media to announce your activity, some shows can add you to their schedule of events and even announce it over the PA system. If you can make the event social media worthy – tying in a post + hashtag for the event that the attendee can make, it can boost awareness and help them remember you.

See how our client Datavideo uses product demonstration along with a raffle activity to attract crowds.