“Showing up is half the battle.” – Woody Allen

You have a booth in the show, but that’s clearly not enough. It needs to look professional. You need to be able to tell your story within the space. With a glance, it must be able to capture attention and engage the attendees who enter it.

Here are a couple of tips to help woo the crowd for your next convention:

Unique Environments.

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – André Gide

Exhibitors have to be willing to stray away from the norms, away from being predictable. If you want to be noticed, you have to be willing to step outside the box. Letting go of guidelines goes a long way when it comes to surprising the crowd and leaving a memorable impression.

Vibe station for Bhaptics @ CES 2020, Las Vegas

Faux house booth for Innotech @ CES 2020, Las Vegas

Try using different materials for flooring, such as vinyl wood or even artificial turf if it can work with your theme. At CES 2020, we created a booth within a booth for our client bHaptics, setting them apart from the crowd with a standalone vibe zone (think mini nightclub). Connect with your audience in more entertaining ways. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Host demonstrations or games that can make attendees feel like the star of the show.

Technology & Size.

The trend is moving away from billboard looking booths and towards designs that combine technologies such as LED screens into the display itself. While LED screens are still not in the ‘affordable-for-all’ range quite yet, it can present considerable wow-factor if your budget has room for it.

LED back wall strips for Electrix @ IBIE 2019, Las Vegas

If LED technology is not within your budget, another fix is building taller. Monolithic style designs are eye catching and inspire wonder, stopping traffic can help your sales team to draw in those attendees that slow down to admire your booth design.

Superstructure for Nelson Jewelry @ JCK Luxury 2019, Las Vegas

Raffles & Booth Demos.

Hosting a promotional activity at your booth is another sure fire way to be remembered. Check out our previous blog post concerning running promos at your booth. Your goal with a product demo or raffle is to allow you to engage with your audience without coming off as invasive. By distracting them with entertainment, this will allow you to secure the sale or gather their information so you can schedule a follow-up meeting. In the end, everyone has fun and gathering info or making that sale doesn’t feel like pulling teeth.

Raffle in DataVideo’s booth @ NAB Show 2019, Las Vegas

DataVideo @ NAB Show 2019, Las Vegas